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Hey, I'm Pouria


I'm an alumni of SFU's School of Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in interactive systems. My focus has been on front-end development, user interfaces, and everything about the web.

On the side, I read up on functional programming, systems thinking, and computer graphics.


I’ve used many tools and languages during my studies (C# for game dev, Java for Android dev, etc), but for the time being my recent tools of trade have been:

  • JavaScript (TypeScript)
  • ReactJS
  • Figma


Want to ask questions or collaborate? You can reach me out via email.

Open-source Projects

A series of experimental, web-based prototypes

Screenshot of Sonic Embed in light and dark modes.

Sonic Embed

Music player for liver coders

Screenshot of the app Dotpix, with a drawing of Medusa.


Keyboard-based drawing app


Books I'm reading

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culturecover

Feb 2023

Watch What You Hear: Penelope's Dream of Twenty Geesecover

Aug 2022

The Map and the Territorycover

Jun 2022

Wittgenstein's Nephewcover

Apr 2022